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Maybank Group Technology CR Day Sports Carnival On 19th August 2023

[ Maybank Group Technology CR Day 2023 Sports Carnival ]
19th August 2023, Maybank Academy Bangi
Here are the highlights of yesterday’s program involving the children of Hear Me Malaysia, in the event:
1) Marching parade
2) Relay 4×100
3) Penalty Shoot Out
4) Chess
5) Coloring
6) Indoor Games
7) Performances
– Dancing
– Singing with sign language
Besides that, there are various types of booths available with all purchase only using coupons.
Also present to give a speech was Hear Me Advisor, Dr. Basyariatul Fathi Othman , Hear Me President, Mrs. Maryam Sakinah and Tufayl, the recipient of cochlear implant sponsored by Maybank in 2019.
Hear Me children have a lot of fun including their parents. Amazingly, at the end of the program GCTO offered Tufayl internship at Maybank. That was really awesome!
Thank you maybank for having us!

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