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Family Support

Group Whatsapp

To make it easier for parents to communicate and get relevant information, the Hear Me Association created a Whatsapp Group. Through this Whatsapp group, parents can not only talk to each other but also share experiences in raising children with hearing problems..

Sharing knowledge and experience through Whatsapp groups is also helpful especially for parents who are still raw in raising children with hearing problems. So far, a total of 130 parents have interacted through the Hear Me Association's Whatsapp group.



The Hear Me Association also organizes leisure activities such as open houses, visits with members, family days and others as a sign of moral support to parents and children. In addition, the relaxation program also helps members to get to know each other and strengthen their relationship with each other.

For children, the opportunity to meet those who are in the same situation can teach them not to feel inferior to their lack of self.



Understanding the need for physical and mental support to parents in raising children with hearing problems, the Hear Me Association also organizes workshops and classes. The organization of these workshops and classes is done to educate parents on the management and care of children with hearing problems as children with disabilities need different attention than normal children.

Among the workshops and classes organized by the Hear Me Association are speech therapy classes, information workshops on hearing aid care and so on.



Many Malaysians have a strong stigma against the hearing impaired and discriminate against them. Such discrimination will close the opportunity especially to children to get a quality life like normal children. Therefore, in order to fight for the rights of children with hearing problems.

The Hear Me Association is committed in spreading awareness to the community and professionals through the opening of booths, distribution of pamphlets and sale of merchandise. At the same time, the Hear Me Association also strongly encourages the involvement of volunteers in the programs organized.





The Hear Me Association does not provide any professional advisory services to avoid any confusion and problems in the future. Parents are encouraged to consult a doctor if they need professional advice.


Most of the scholarly programs organized by the Hear Me Association are collaborative relationships with professionals such as doctors, audiologists, speech therapists and representatives of companies that supply hearing aids to discuss related topics.

Collaboration with professionals is important to ensure that parents get information from the right and reliable sources.