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Hear Me

History Of Establishment


Association Of Parents Of Hearing-Impaired Children

The Malaysian Association of Parents of Hearing Impaired Children (Hear Me) was established on 23 June 2015 by mothers with children diagnosed with hearing problems and wearing hearing aids, cochlear implants (CI) and Bone Conductor (BAHA).

The initial outbreak of the establishment of this association began with the interaction of a small number of mothers on Facebook in 2011. The opportunity for interaction between parents who are lucky has led to the consensus to the establishment of an association known as Hear Me.

The Hear Me Association has been active since its inception and now has 128 members throughout Malaysia, including in Sabah and Sarawak. In view of the growing membership as well as to facilitate access to interaction between parents, the Hear Me Association has made Whatsapp as the main platform for discussion between parents.

The Hear Me Association not only provides a discussion platform for parents but also plays a role in strengthening the relationship between members of the association and professionals through collaboration in the programs organized.

Collaboration with professionals is very important in ensuring that members of the association get knowledge and guidance from those who are more knowledgeable in the issue of hearing problems.


President Hear me

Pn Maryam

Organizing Various Programs

The Hear Me Association also organizes various programs such as talks, workshops, speech therapy classes, public programs such as Breaking Fast Ceremony, Open House and visit programs as well as launches fundraising activities either for the continuation of the association’s program or as representing members who need donations to fund the cost of hearing aids.

The programs are organized not only to educate and motivate parents in raising children with disabilities but also to recognize the importance of cooperation with professionals. In fact, the Hear Me Association is active in spreading public awareness by opening a booth and establishing a network of cooperation with the media as a measure to further expand efforts to educate the public on the issue of hearing problems.